Brick & Block


We like to consider ourselves experts in the masonry industry. Our product/service is top of the line, at a very competitive cost. In this business, your reputation means everything, and we have worked very hard to build and maintain an outstanding performance record. We can handle all of your masonry needs including brick, block, stone – natural or cultured – or pavers, as well as many other applications.  No job is too big or too small!


We will thoroughly inspect your chimney and make the necessary repairs including but not limited to mortar repairs, cracks, deterioration due to weather exposure, improper venting, leaking chimneys, etc.

Basement Windows

Deteriorated wooden basement windows cause severe energy loss in your home. There are many options for replacement. A glass block option is shown above.

Chimney Caps
Defective or improperly installed chimney caps can lead to extensive damage to your chimney and infiltration by debris and animals. We can install aesthetically pleasing, long lasting covers to your chimney.