Why do basements leak?

Water traveling through cracks or other openings the simple reason foundations and/or basements leak.  Dampness and flooding is caused by the following: the failure of an existing external waterproofing and bridging/wicking due to the raising exterior water levels below and beside the foundation. Every basement situation is different.


For basement waterproofing and foundation repair, we will perform a thorough inspection of your foundation, answer any questions you may have about your specific issues and review the options available for correction. Since we offer all possible solutions (unlike most companies) we will make our recommendation and allow you to choose what solution you feel most comfortable with.


Every basement will settle over time. Some will crack if they were not properly installed.


Patches are only temporary and will not cure your basement problems.

Most repairs need to take place both internally and externally.

This will be discussed fully in your inspection report.

basement waterproofing
basement waterproofing
basement waterproofing